Starting Film Analysis

On this page you will be introduced to a short film suitable for educational purposes and be asked to examine the film’s themes. The film you are going to see is called 'Edge of Seventeen'. You will read about the film’s background in the step text, then watch the film, and afterwards read a guide to the analytical perspectives when working with film content and themes. In the last step, you will consider some questions about working thematically with film analysis.

Starting Film Analysis


'Edge of Seventeen' is an ultra-short film, but it contains many thematic and aesthetic nuances. The film won the main prize in a side competition at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), in 2018, celebrating short films in Instagram format. Instagram’s time limit of 60 seconds requires extreme narrative compression.

The film is a psychological thriller directed by the South Korean multi-disciplinary artist Nuri Jeong. She made the film as a tribute to young girls in South Korea who grow up under strict discipline and oppression – particularly in the capital, Seoul. The film’s themes are based on these cultural issues and are expressed in film language that depicts both the surface and the inner feeling of social conflict. The film’s clear thematics, aesthetics and film form offer a fine example of what is suitable for film analysis in schools or other educational situations. 'Edge of Seventeen' is addressed to the upper secondary school classes, high schools or adult students.


Your first task is to use the notepad (below) and answer the following questions on 'Edge of Seventeen'. At the end of this section we will ask you to review your answers and see if your initial thoughts have changed.

  • Watch the film 'Edge of Seventeen'.
  • Consider what is important to focus on when working with narrative and themes in film.
  • Discuss your analytical considerations of the film with the other participants.
  • Create 1-2 student questions regarding narrative and themes for your own film example

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