Choosing, watching and talking

It is essential that the choices we make of films to show in school, to screen in the classroom, include films that will challenge and engage students - and will provide relevant content for learning processes.

Choosing, watching and talking

Selecting (or curating) film

The first focus in this next section is on how to select films for educational use - how do you find and choose good films that are suitable for education, what is a good film for education and what criteria are important in this process.

The article The Good Film for Education introduces the way in which the Danish Film Institute approaches the process of recommending and selecting films to watch in school.


Read the article The Good Film for Education and reflect on the criteria described in it.

  • Do you agree to the arguments and are there other important criteria not mentioned in the article? Write your thoughts in the Notepad below.
  • Think of three films that will be good for education and teaching film – based on the criteria you find most important. The films should address the different age or target groups of the students. Add your three film suggestions to the padlet below and give a brief argument for each of your choices.

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