Bringing film into school


Film distribution to schools is a complex task. Finding partners who are somehow already in the field and might share interests can help you a lot.


This step highlights the benefits of having multiple partners involved in a school film catalogue. In this article from The Danish Film Institute are some key areas listed for potential partnerships when it comes to distributing films for education.

The Danish Film Institute presents some general considerations and potentials and the solutions chosen for the Film Institute’s distribution platform for education – Filmcentralen – as an example of one way to do it.

Watch this short video trailer presenting Filmcentralen again.


Read this article from The Danish Film Institute and consider the different partnerships and the way each of them contribute to the film distribution.
Write your thoughts in the notepad below.

  • Consider local partners who could be relevant for school film distribution in your country/region.
  • Make a short overview of the division of tasks between partners who could be involved in a partnership-based model for school film distribution.

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