Bringing film into school

Online distribution and access

Making films available for education on a national or local level is a significant challenge. This step highlights the practical and technical aspects of distribution.

Online distribution and access

There is no doubt that international distribution of film for private viewers has become digital and primarily based on streaming solutions. The physical distribution of DVDs is phasing out. However when it comes to educational viewing things are moving less fast, and the DVD is probably still in use in quite a lot of places, since it can be a simple and less expensive but still effective way of securing some film distribution to schools.

Basically, it is crucial that the films are distributed in a way that schools can handle. Thus, one must first and foremost consider how schools are actually equipped to show films in education. How is the digital infrastructure in schools? Do they have Internet access, bandwidth and IT equipment to handle streaming technology for everyday teaching?

There are economic factors to consider. You need to find a sustainable financing model. You can consider whether public institutions or funds can be obtained from the educational sector or the cultural sector. Or there might be relevant private funds or pools that could be applied for. You can also consider whether it is possible for the distribution to be funded in whole or in part through subscription payments from schools and/or local school authorities.


Here you find links to two specific national film distribution schemes for schools as examples.


Filmcentralen is in Danish but it should be possible to get an overall impression of the site.

Into film

Into film is the UK’s main film education provider. It has used DVD distribution for many years, but is moving towards streaming.

Study the two examples of national film distribution for schools and compare to what you know about your own country/region. Consider the following and write your thoughts in the notepad below:

  • What is the situation concerning film distribution for schools in your country/region and what kind of film distribution and film viewing can local schools handle concerning digital infrastructure and screening equipment?
  • What are the challenges for existing model(s) in your country/region - and do you see potentials for improvement?

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