Bringing film into school

Educational resources

If you want a broader film educational practice, access to films is essential - but it is not enough. Equally important is access to resources that set film in an educational setting. Since film is rarely a central part of the curriculum, many teachers need film educational guidance and inspiration.

This step highlights access to educational resources as a central part of a school film catalogue – and brings focus on establishing a coherence between films and educational resources.

Educational resources

In section 3 we focused on film analysis and how to organize the content of teaching materials. In this section we will focus on access and accessibility of the educational resources.

Once you have established access to the teaching materials, it is important to create an overview for the teachers. Sometimes the film itself is the starting point for teaching, and then it must be logical to find the material that relates to the specific film. At other times it might be a specific theme and then it should be easy to find relevant films and materials that fit this.

When teaching has a specific focus on cinematics such as style (aesthetics) and form (narration), it may also be relevant to be able to search for specific cinematic concepts and topics. It may therefore be relevant that in addition to didactical teaching materials, you also have access to a cinematic reference work or encyclopedia.

Filmcentralen / Undervisning is the Danish Film Institute’s learning platform and streaming service. The platform thus contains both films and a range of educational resources. In the previous step on Distribution, you were exploring the site; now, you should watch video at the beginning of this step that gives a general presentation of how the various elements are organized on this platform.

This is ONE way to do it. Study the video and the platform with a critical look and consider what you can use as inspiration and what you would do differently.


Study the video trailer presenting Filmcentralen and compare to what you know about educational resources accessible for schools in your own country/region. Consider:

What you can use as an inspiration - and what would you do differently?

What is the situation concerning access to film educational resources in schools in your country/region? Also, is there a coherence between films accessible for schools and educational material?

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