Bringing film into school

Designing a film catalogue for your school

Previously in this section we have been working with four central aspects concerning selection and distribution of films for education:

Designing a film catalogue

The four central aspects for selection and distribution

Selecting Film
Selecting Film

How to find and choose films that are suitable for education.


Establishing technology and infrastructure that suit local schools.

Film and educational resources
Film and educational resources

How to make the teaching materials visible and accessible.


Establishing a coherence between films and educational material.


The task is to think about a collection of films that you think would suit the education setting you are in. If one or more schemes (sometimes called ‘catalogues’) already exist in this field, you can choose to start from this and suggest ways to improve. You can also choose to start from scratch and outline a new initiative.

You should now transform all your considerations from the previous steps into concrete suggestions. You must decide:

  • Selecting movies – What films will be relevant? Who should select them and how do you get access to distribute them?
  • Distribution - What is the right distribution solution for you and for the schools in your area?
  • Film and educational resources – How do you make the teaching materials visible and accessible and create a coherence between materials and films?
  • Partnerships - Who are the best potential partners in your area?

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