We hope that you will have been able to clarify your ideas about what film education is as well as developing some strategies for teaching both critical and creative approaches to the subject.


We hope that these strategies will enable you to help your students:


to understand what is specific and distinctive about film.


to experience making films and relating their own creative experience to films they have seen.


to develop an awareness of the social and historical contexts for film.


to regularly access a wide variety of films.


to develop a personal critical framework to engage with a film from aesthetic, emotional, cultural and creative perspectives.


to be able to reflect upon the different ways of experiencing, exploring, and learning about film.

We also hope that we have introduced you to the wider context of film education, both from the point of view of its place within festivals and the potential offered by film archives.

Finally we have raised the issue of impact measurement and evaluation. We consider these last two issues of vital importance. Whilst we have been able to show you the methodologies from our partner organisations it is worth bearing in mind that there are many other approaches to film education.

We hope that you will continue to explore these approaches, to apply what you have learned and that we have in some way contributed to you development as a teacher of film education.

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